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Joan Rose Staffen–author, artist, psychic healer, and intuitive coach is dedicated to assisting people to heal their lives, rediscover their purpose, and stay on their life and spiritual path. On this website, you can learn about her spiritual books, view her abstract paintings, and contact her for information about workshops andintuitivecoaching.
Joan Rose’s book, The Creative Pendulum just has been released:
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You can order The Creative Pendulum here.

“The Creative Pendulumis an exceptional book on dowsing that goes far beyond the basics. Readers are invited to dig deep into the creative and intuitive side of pendulums, exploring practices as diverse as clearing your aura and choosing the best social media platform. Included is an extensive selection of pendulum exercises, thirty-three charts, and details on using pendulums to set up an intuitive coaching practice. In my many years of dowsing, this is the best reference material I’ve seen.” –Nancy Hendrickson, author ofAncestral Tarot

Joan is a powerful psychic and healer. I am blessed to have met her at this auspicious time on this wonderful planet Mother Earth. Thank you, Joan, for such a deep, permanent healing.
Ellarae Markhart – Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Since your reading, I have approached my business frustrations with new insight and have been able to make some significant changes in my business and attitude. When I come to a decision-making crossroad, I continually refer back to our hour together for clarity.”
Sandy Mason - Broker Associate

Contact Joan Rose here or call 831-251-0866

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