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For over twenty years, Joan Rose has offered messages and healings with love, clarity, and inspiration from the celestial realm. With her psychic and divining talents, she help clients with their personal, prosperity, career and creativity issues.

Spiritual techniques include: clairvoyance, grounding, aura and chakra healing, pendulum divining, psychic healing, past and present life clearing, and deceased loved one’s connection. In addition, through her sessions, books, and workshops, people learn to connect with their inner spirit and Higher Self, access their own guidance to find their lit path, and discover their true passions and purpose in this life.

Joan Rose has investigated multiple psychic healing modalities including yoga, meditation, A Course in Miracles, and Spiritual Response Therapy (a pendulum healing system) to help clients in all aspects of their lives. She’s a gifted psychic reader, energetic healer, workshop leader, and author of seven books including The Book of Pendulum Healing and Swimming the Inner Ocean. Her upcoming, fun and profound book, The Creative Pendulum, was released in June, 2022.

She loves introducing her unique healing style to people in all walks of life and seeing them bloom and prosper in their one and only precious life.

Cost: Half hour – $70 and  hour – $135 for readings, healings, clearings, mentoring or coaching.

Joan’s readings are wonderfully helpful. She has helped me to confirm changes I need to make and affirm the good choices I have made. Joan puts me in touch with past lives, helps me to loosen creative blocks and lifts my spirits. Her company is that of a warm and generous friend. She creates a safe and loving place for her clients.
Barbara – Business Owner and Artist

How wonderful for me to have found Joan.  Joan is insightful, kind, positive, lighthearted, funny, and wise.  I came to Joan to gain clarity, to quiet nervous energy, for insight to my present and future life.  She is marvelous and I have achieved this and more.  I often feel I am secretly seeing the worlds of those around me, but more importantly I am gaining a fuller understanding of how all the moving pieces in my life come together and how to maximize my life adventure in a positive and more joyful way.  I am grateful for the wisdom and insights Joan’s psychic gifts have given me.  She is positive, and pure of heart and soul, and her gifts are powerful and freeing to me.
Rebecca – Global High Tech Sales Consultant

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