A woman sitting at the table in front of a painting.

The Creative Pendulum

How do you engage your inner creative self? How do you get from ordinary reality to that imaginative, visionary space where you are in tune with the Great Creator? In this workshop “The Creative Pendulum” we’ll be learning to dowse and divine with a pendulum and the Creative Charts. With the pendulum we’ll be learning to receive yes/no answers, and how to clear the aura and chakras and ground with Mother Earth. We’ll unblock our creative selves and discover our talents and abilities. Students will receive a set of five of the 33 Intuitive Creativity Charts from my just-published book, The Creative Pendulum. Come enjoy and meet new friends. Easy to learn, fun, and profound. No experience is necessary. This class is coming soon!

Power of Pendulum Healing

We will learn about and connect with our guardian angels and the archangels. We then will learn to use the pendulum with the Intuitive Healing Charts. After practicing, we will give each other healings and readings. Open to all, new and experienced pendulum dowsers – we will have a fun and mystical experience.You will leave with new spiritual tools, and be clear with new insight and clarity about your health and life.

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Memoir Class

We will explore the three aspects of memoir – scene, summery and reflection, plus dialogue and voice to enliven our stories. At home you will focus on our personal memoir, writing two short pieces for the class, which you will read one on one, and then after revision, to the group. You will be amazed – by the end of the four weeks you will have understand the process for writing memoir, and have completed one to two pieces of your memoir.

Come join us. New and experienced memoir writers welcome.

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Artist Way Class

This fun, experiential process will help re-enliven and nurture your innate creative and spiritual self. The classhelps people recover their artistic, fun self to bring more depth, light, and joy into their personal and professional lives. Together, as a group we create a safe place to share and explore ideas, thoughts, and feelings. We will be using Julia Cameron’s book and process, The Artist Way, with journaling, writing, and art activities. We also include a short meditation, healing exercises and visits to artist studios. No experience necessary – bring yourself, your life experience, and a flexible mind.

The Artist Way has been used worldwide by millions of people, and in teaching this process for the last seven years, I have written and published books andbecome a painter. Ibelieve this process can help anyone who has a sincere desire to grow from the inside out and who wants to tap into inner, creative resources. I have seen many people make profound changes in their lives – hidden dreams are recovered, they find their creativity and passion, and their lives are transformed.

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Other Classes

Divination & Joy – Divining with the Pendulum and Intuitive Charts – In this workshop Joan Rose introduces how to use a pendulum. We will call in our celestial helpers, meditate, dowse,learn to use the Intuitive Charts, and give spiritual readings for each other.This special event, magical and life changing, will help you clear, focus, and learn intuitiveself-coaching methods. Come join Joan Rose and the celestial guides for a day of delight and fun.Please bring your a pendulum and an open mind.

Painting from the Heart– We will explore painting from the heart using acrylics and mixed media. Topics covered include: Painting from the heart. How to let go. How to get out of your own way. How to be one with the paint, canvas, and tools. We’ll relax, paint meditatively, and see what comes through! You will be amazed! What to bring – if you have them – canvas, paints, brushes, painting tarp and any other materials to play with and your open mind. Othersupplies provided. No experience necessary.

The Prosperous Heart – Creating a Life of Enough, by Julia Cameron and Emma Lively, is a course that marries the tools of the Artist Way with new prosperity tools. It is a course to discover and heal issues dealing with prosperity and finances. We will read, do exercises from the book, and create new beliefs about ourselves, our relationship to money, and how to trust the universe loves to give us what we need and want! Let’s play together and create breakthrough!

Join us as we ground and meditate, clear, share, create art, and process. We will clear our auras, chakras, and old beliefs, practice creative visualization and create image collages, and learn about the healing codes for prosperity.

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“Joan Rose is a passionate, warm, and sometimes funny teacher. She has helped me develop great, new artist habits including journaling, visiting art galleries, and valuing my own artistic self. I met and made new friends in the Artist Way class. We shared some of our deepest feelings in a supportive and encouraging environment. I would highly recommend Joan Rose’s classes.” –Fran White, Nutritionist and Seeker

As an active spiritual seeker, I am grateful for Joan’s gifts and insights.I have received a Psychic Healing and most recently was a part of her “Sacred Meetings with the Angels” class. Each time that I have met with Joan, I have left with a greater connection to spirit and the angels. I have taken with me more of the truth of why I am here and the gifts that I am to share. Thank you,Joan forsaying”Yes” to your calling.Your grace and generosity aretrue gifts to this world. EmilyNahnsen, Reiki Healer