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A purple crystal pendulum with a silver chain.

Welcome to The Power of Pendulum Healing Virtual Workshop!

You can learn to increase your intuitive powers and discover the ancient, innate power of dowsing with a pendulum. To begin you will learn ground your energy, meditate, and call in your spirit guides, and to dowse with the pendulum. You will program your pendulums to receive yes and no answers and to clear yourself. You will be able to explore healing methods using the “Intuitive Healing Charts” to make positive health and wellness decisions and you will leave feeling relaxed and excited having discovered your innate talent to dowse. No experience necessary.

If you’d like to receive the Power of Pendulum Workshop PDF, use the Paypal button below and scroll down to “HP Workshop Materials.” You will be emailed the PDF after your Paypal receipt is received via email. If you have any questions or issues, please contact Joan Rose at or call her at 831 251-0866.

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To learn much more purchase the Book of Pendulum Healing at Red Wheel/ or

A pendulum is shown with the words " pendulum healing " underneath it.

Thank you for your support and taking this class. Happy Dowsing!

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