Monthly Archives: December 2015

Diving for Fish

Pelican Floating

Pelicans this morning at Twin Lakes Beach were dive bombing, plunging for sardines. Then as soon as they have their fish, they go into a sitting position and float so placidly on the water. ┬áThe are ancient birds – the fossil record shows the pelican lineage has existed for 30 million years.

I also saw a pod dolphins this morning leaping out of the water – morning magic at the beach.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Sunday Morning with Cat!

imagePangea is my alarm clock. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Today just at the right time. Really she just wants to be fed and then wants petting. Pangea wanted to share some wisdom from the cat realm – eat well, ask for love and purr. Oh, and do take a nap! Have a great Sunday!


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