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Ten Questions about Dowsing & Divining

A pendulum is shown with the words " pendulum healing " underneath it.

1. Tell us about your book, The Book of Pendulum Healing?

The Book of Pendulum Healingoffers instructions and a set of thirty interrelated Intuitive Healing Charts that help people research their emotional, spiritual, and physical issues. The book provides solutions and treatments for those who want to stay in balance, prevent illness or help themselves get well. In addition, other easy to learn healing techniques are included, such as communication with the angelic realm, affirmative prayer, meditation, aura clearing, and how to give healings to others.

2. What is pendulum divining or dowsing?

To dowse, the more scientific term meansto search with a rod or pendulum for anything. A sister word, more spiritual, is to divine, to discover by intuition, the direct knowing of truth. In this book, I use both terms interchangeably. 

3. How did you get interested in dowsing?

While healing after the death of my husband and after using a myriad of healing modalities – both in the alternative and traditional fields – counseling, reiki, flower essences, aromatherapy, and shamanistic methods – I was introduced to Spiritual Response Therapy which utilizes a pendulum and charts. I had a profound healing, and then studied and became a healer myself. Later, I created the Intuitive Charts to help with my own life, work, and healing.

4. What is the history of pendulum dowsing? Is it related to water dowsing with a rod?

Dowsing with a rod for water and minerals (also called field dowsing) has been used since ancient times for finding water, minerals, and lost objects. It was used by the Chinese, the Egyptians and later the Europeans. 

Dowsing with a pendulum for information (also called information dowsing) is a more recent development. Both pendulums and rods are tools to express through the body answers from the subconscious and super-conscious. The pendulum is a tool that connects us a person to higher consciousness to discern the truth. 

5. Is it magic? Has it been explained scientifically? 

In the broad definition – it is magic! I after all these years of using a pendulum am amazed at the power of the pendulum with the Intuitive Healing Charts to get to the heart of a problem and find solutions.

The dowser projects an intent, a request for information, and through the mind of the dowser and an instrument (a rod or a pendulum), an answer is fed back. The dowser has picked up a signal. It’s a type of clairvoyance, seeing beyond the ordinary. 

Still after all these years, dowsing though investigated, has not been scientifically explained. Albert Einstein, a dowser himself, was convinced of the authenticity of dowsing. He said, “I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time.”  

6. Can any one learn to dowse or is it a special gift? 

I believe most people can learn to dowse. For some, the first time they pick up the pendulum, they will feel the connection, and easily experience the movement of the pendulum without consciously moving it. For others can be pendulum dowsing has been a slower learning curve. With study and practice most everyone can learn to dowse.

7. What is it like to a dowser, a diviner, and a spiritual healer? How long have you been a dowser and spiritual healer? 

It’s a little strange! I go in and out of multiple realities. On one hand I am a very normal person – just like everyone else, for instance, I go to the gym, shop, cook, write, and teach.

But when I work with divining, I open a window in my mind to another part of myself, who is connected with the universe and to Spirit. The charts act as a guidance system to clarify and discover both issues and solutions. Over the years while using the Intuitive Healing Charts, I have become a remote viewer, able to see and feel people and places, at distances. I see little films of people’s current, past, and possible futures, and am able to translate what I see, hear, and feel. Using the pendulum and divining overtime increases a person’s intuition and psychic abilities.

8. What types of spiritual healings do you do? What are the benefits? 

Primarily my spiritual healings work on the emotional and spiritual level. I am able to clear and help heal past and present life traumas, relationships, and physical spaces. Clients gain new insight, experience release from their issues, and move forward with their lives. Though thought of as being unconventional and unscientific, dowsing with a pendulum is infinitely practical – a direct route to the truth. A few sessions can be equal to a year of therapy. 

9. You teach classes on the pendulum and healing? What do people learn in your classes? 

These are fun, experiential classes! We learn to use the pendulum with the Intuitive Healing Charts, practice on each other and after practice give healings to each other. Most students are amazed at their new ability and the insights they have. Healing takes place instantly or overtime.

9. How can your book, The Book of Pendulum Healing, help people?

I wrote this book because I wanted to help people learn dowse, find the healing they needed, and have a deeper understanding of themselves. 

10. How can people find out more information?  Where can I buy a book?  

Please look at your independent and local Mind, Body, and Spirit bookshop. See my home page for links to Red Wheel /Weiser, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

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