A book cover with a pendulum hanging from the side of it.
  • By: Joan Rose Staffen
  • Published by: RedWheel/Weiser
  • Formats: Paperback, eBook


The Creative Pendulum


The Creative Pendulum is an intuitive coaching system with an art case of intuitive tools. As you uncover buried aspects of your inner gifted self through the many methods discussed, you will discover new interests, aptitudes, and talents that lead to an innovative, rewarding path forward.

By reading The Creative Pendulum, you can learn to dowse with a pendulum and use the thirty-three Intuitive Creativity Charts that you will find at the back of this book. With these charts, you will learn to clear your aura and chakras and any negative beliefs and distractions that block your creativity. You’ll learn to ask for and receive both mystical and practical solutions and guidance, and align with Spirit. You’ll be able to coach yourself and others while using the Intuitive Creativity Coaching forms and the Intuitive Action Plan. You will also find a wealth of ideas, art-making exercises, and stories to inspire and encourage you. You can purchase The Creative Pendulum here.