An Egret at Twin Lakes Beach

At Twin Lakes in Santa Cruz this morning there was an egret standing so still in the little pond on the beach. In a swift movement, he lifted off. A surprise – he didn’t appear at first glance to be able to fly with a long neck, bulky body, and long legs – he looked uncoordinated. But he flew slowly and then spread his large, white wings.

Have you ever felt uncoordinated, discombobulated? Even though we are encased in physical bodies, we can rise above our pond of earthly concerns. It is possible!

Today’s suggestion from the Angels of Light and Love, our companions on this earthly journey, is ” Take a moment or more to notice a bird, any bird. Just five minutes of seeing, hearing and enjoying our bird friends can lighten our days. Remember, we are with you too.  Now, go and be your best, light self.”


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