Seagull Hearing a Voice, Embracing his Fate



Jonathan Jr. was here today contemplating the ocean, its expanse, its glittering, pink, and grey surf! He wondered, “Is this voice I hear real?” He heard it again – the Great God voice softly inside, then booming, say, “Be who you came here to be. Your soul is calling you.”

But Jonathan Jr. thought, “But aren’t I ordinary? Shouldn’t I do what everyone else is doing? Shouldn’t I just hunt, eat, rest, and get up and do it again? Or should I listen to this insistent, soft sometimes, but big voice?”

The others, his very-content-with-life friends, he could see them on the beach, were huddled together, just an ordinary Sunday afternoon.

Jonathan Jr. felt he needed a little time away from the flock, especially after his spiritual expereinece this morning. “Did anyone notice that I was acting weird,” he wondered. Isn’t it called schizophrenia when you hear a voice? Was it God? He reminded himself that it said, “Be your extraordinary self.  Be your extraordinary sea gull self.  Fly, fly, reach for heaven…”

“Okay… But, but, but… No I’m not an eagle; I’m just a seagull.” He was feeling the dread in his tummy, that was growling now. A cold fear in every cell of his bird body. He shook it off. He reminded himself, “false evidence appearing real.”

He affirmed to himself, “I’m going to face the day, face my fate, and be all, all I can be today. Maybe, maybe just today, I’ll practice flying, and fly higher than I ever have. Here I am; here I go…”


Gratitude in Hard Times

People on SWThe hardest time to have a grateful heart is when you’re sad about an event in your life. What I do in hard times is ask the angels of light and love to comfort me. I ask them how I can handle this and to help me with love, miracles, and progress.

I know that God/Goddesses is only good and that even in the midst of difficulties there is so much to be grateful for.  This wave, this challenge, I am facing will pass. Now let’s turn this day around, find some coffee or tea, a comfortable place to sit and write a gratitude list. There is so much to be grateful for even the midst of troubles. We can be victorious!

Diving for Fish

Pelican Floating

Pelicans this morning at Twin Lakes Beach were dive bombing, plunging for sardines. Then as soon as they have their fish, they go into a sitting position and float so placidly on the water.  The are ancient birds – the fossil record shows the pelican lineage has existed for 30 million years.

I also saw a pod dolphins this morning leaping out of the water – morning magic at the beach.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Sunday Morning with Cat!

imagePangea is my alarm clock. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Today just at the right time. Really she just wants to be fed and then wants petting. Pangea wanted to share some wisdom from the cat realm – eat well, ask for love and purr. Oh, and do take a nap! Have a great Sunday!


After the Rain


The beach is washed clean with  sun and sky and and shimmering water. I’m having a spiritual experience! I feel God/Goddesses and the Angels presence.

When I’m emersed in the moment, no matter what is going on in my life, I know when I’m in nature that there is a higher being who is creating and orchestrating my life.

And it’s not me! So I align myself and surrender to this Higher Power. Show me thy will today. Help me be present, listen and know how I can be of service.

Seagulls on a Windy Day

imageFlying high, doing tricks in the wind…

Such a feeling of freedom and fun. I am sure thr seagulls are not worried about their money or relationships. They are just taking life as it comes, and today its windy after rain.

Why not learn from the seagulls, learn to lighten up, flow, and let our Higher Power blow us to our next adventure?

On Patience, Faith and Egrets

Did you know that egrets patiently air for hours, and then in a swift moment, pluck a fish right out of the water? Patiently, they wait. Patience is a special gift. Ache, patience. Waiting is the hardest, most difficult thing for me, for most Americans. We want it now. Now! Now, God/Goddess.

But, I have learned that when I am impatient, which is truly often, if I give the impatience to the great God/Goddess, amazing things transpire. I have waited for and given up waiting for – i.e, money, work, relationships, housing, and electronics, but when they appeared at last, the job, the loft, the relationships is always much more than I hoped for. But these are stories for another day.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes from the Bible. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:30) And in this case, we shall mount up with wings as egrets! And fly. Have a great, fun day.





An Egret at Twin Lakes Beach

At Twin Lakes in Santa Cruz this morning there was an egret standing so still in the little pond on the beach. In a swift movement, he lifted off. A surprise – he didn’t appear at first glance to be able to fly with a long neck, bulky body, and long legs – he looked uncoordinated. But he flew slowly and then spread his large, white wings.

Have you ever felt uncoordinated, discombobulated? Even though we are encased in physical bodies, we can rise above our pond of earthly concerns. It is possible!

Today’s suggestion from the Angels of Light and Love, our companions on this earthly journey, is ” Take a moment or more to notice a bird, any bird. Just five minutes of seeing, hearing and enjoying our bird friends can lighten our days. Remember, we are with you too.  Now, go and be your best, light self.”


Sailing Class at the Yacht Harbor

I’m always inspired to these little boats on the bay. Okay! I will say it out loud. I want to take this class. Yes, I will be a beginner, but I can learn. Okay I’m going for it! We’re a success just for showing up. What  class do you want to take? What if you knew you couldn’t fail? Let’s go for it! Sail on.

Happy Halloween

imageHalloween is a big deal in Santa Cruz. It’s our favorite holiday for young and old! Personally it takes me a while to get into it! But today running off to Jazzercise, I ran into a children’s parade with ghosts and goblins. Then off for coffee at Peets, where if you say “trick or treat” they give a free mini bag of coffee. Out on West Cliff our surfer is dressed up too. How is your day going. Are you seeing the joy?


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