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Santa Cruz Dowsers Investigating the Mystery Spot


Our Santa Cruz Dowsers Group is now forming. It’s wonderful to have such a large group in our town who are dedicated dowsers and diviners. We had our first field trip together to the “Mystery Spot” last weekend.

For those out of town, the Mystery Spot is described as a gravitational anomaly located in the redwooforests just outside of Santa Cruz, California. In the photo above, we are at the bottom of the hill all standing up straight, but at the top in the cabin there is a lot of leaning going on. When I was in the cabin, I realized I had visited the Mystery Spot decades ago with my father. I remember him tall, I was short, and together we were leaning in the little cabin.

All of us walked up the hill to the cabin together. It’s so strange, but when you’re in the 150 foot radius of this weird energy field, your body gets very heavy and it’s hard to move. Once in the cabin, I tested to see what my pendulum would do it spun clockwise, then counterclockwise, and did this the whole time I was in the cabin.

I had no idea what it all meant, but I noticed that the longer I was there, only a short 45-minutes, I became dizzy and a little sick to my stomach. Scientist still have not unraveled the mystery of the Mystery Spot, but it’s fun to experience. Yes, it’s a gravitational anomaly. And one of the most visited tourist spots in Santa Cruz. Keep on dowsing…



The Dream of The Fisherman and Pascedero


I had a dream last night that I was on a fishing boat pulling in nets with a team. I was thinking — oh my God, this is real work. I complained to a fellow fisherman and he said, “This is nothing.” Then he showed me his hands which were huge, chewed up, and a calloused.

I decided to drive up the coast. I was going to stop in Davenport for coffee, but it had a big tour bus in the little town, so I decided to go further to  Pescadero. As I was driving I realized with my limited Spanish had something to do with fish. I looked it up later — Percadero is Spanish for “fisherman.”

I believe that if you honor your dream by following a trail, that you will be given more dreams and guidance. What was I to find in this little town? I walked around and found cool coffee house complete with antiques from my childhood and Peter Fonda in the Easy Rider movie poster behind the wood burning stove.

Hum. What does it all mean? Fishermen always remind me of the miracle of Jesus walking on water and saying, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

But I have to tell you this was a robust, down to earth fisherman in my dream. It felt like a movie, so vivid and real. An authentic man telling me to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

But here I am drinking a delicious cappuccino at the coffeehouse “Downtown Local.”  I am still pondering the dream and Pescadero. Keep on riding and writing, and be not afraid.




Blog Block, The Election, and The Book of Pendulum Healing is Coming!

You’ve heard of writer’s block. Well, I have bloggers block. I am suppose to writing three times a week, yet, I am blocked. What’s a writer to do? I hear my angels say, “Write anyway!” Okay, here I am.

Some thoughts. I don’t know about you but the news since Rump has been in office, has been terrible. It’s as if each crisis is worse than the last. I am suppose to be a spiritual person, and I am, but I am very reactive too. (Reactive is overarching small word for anger, sadness, and grief I have felt, but I am attempting to be polite.)

I chose the photo above as an antidote as the ocean can be very calming!

These stressful days reminds me of parenthood. I waited a long time to be a mom, I was thirty-five when I had my first baby. I had spent five years on a spiritual path—meditating, praying saying affirmations and suddenly (or after nine months) I was a new mom, so in love with my baby, Adam. But being a mom was the hardest labor of love I ever experienced,  and at times I didn’t feel very spiritual. I felt constrained and scared, and here was this little being depending on me. (I do want you to know he did grow up, despite me, and is a wonderful kind,  loving, and helpful man.)

Now, I have this fabulous book coming out, The Book of Pendulum Healing, in January. I can’t wait to see it and share it in bookstores and at my workshops. But I haven’t been blogging and telling you about it.

I have been too obsessed with the national crisis waves we are experiencing. I follow the news, rant, and donate small amounts to lots of groups. Then I remember to pray for spiritual help for us all.

Yes, I do talk about prayer in my book, about how I worked in the Prayer Room at Unity Village, and prayed with people from around the world. I used to find comfort in Myrtle Fillmore’s (co-founder of Unity) apple orchards. I imagined her and Jesus walking with me, and picked an apple a day to eat!

Today, I pray that we will soon be out of disheartening, devastating Rump world one way or another. I am always saying to the angels, “Help, help our country and the world. Help the planet, the immigrants, the children, the native Americans, the people of color, the women, the LGBT people—help us all!

So that’s my truth for the day. I will be writing more. Stay positive, love your neighbor, eat your apples, and VOTE. We shall overcome.


How I Was Introduced to the Pendulum


A year and a half after the death of my husband, a girlfriend at work suggested, “I think you should meet Shakti Wilson, a great teacher and healer.” She was teaching an introductory class to the pendulum and the SRT methods. I was open to anything, anything that would heal my broken heart.

The next Saturday we sat in a nondescript community room with tables with florescent lights. Shakti Wilson, the minister’s wife, showed us how to hold our pendulum, how to ask yes and no questions,
and how to know when the pendulum said yes and no.

Before this day, I had never held a pendulum. I had no previous experience. When in the first minute the pendulum moved to signal yes, to signal no – I was blown away. I was so excited I could do it. Then I learned to use a “Spiritual Response Therapy” Chart with the pendulum. I could ask a question and receive an answer.

Later I wondered: What is moving the pendulum? Who is moving the pendulum? What part of me is communicating through the pendulum? Is it me? Is it someone else? Is it a spirit? My muscles were not moving the pendulum. Something else was moving the pendulum. And yet it was moving. I could see it.

I assumed it must be some sort of energy inside or outside of me. I didn’t worry too much about it. I prayed and meditated before I did the worked with the pendulum, I asked that the highest forces work through me, and I asked that the questions and received good answers.

I delved deeply into pendulum work. Shaki worked with me weekly and over a period of two years, I took all her workshops and became “certified” as a SRT Consultant. Then later, I wrote books about the pendulum, and created the Intuitive Chart System for Life and Work, which resulted in two books. Now my work, The Book of Pendulum Healing” will be released by Red Wheel/Weiser in January 2019.

It’s been fifteen years since I began this work! Years of working with myself and others and having almost daily spiritual experiences working with the pendulum and the charts. It’s such an exciting communication device. More later…

The Artist Way by Julia Cameron Transformed My Life

Years ago I was writing my first book, “Divination & Joy, Intuitive Tools for an Inspired Life,” but I was having a difficult time finishing. My girlfriend who had facilitated the course at her work said, “Let’s start an Artist Way group.” I had the book on my bookshelf, but I hadn’t opened it in a five years. Together we began the twelve week process found in the book, Morning Pages, Weekly Artist Dates, and exercises at the end of the chapter. In the tenth week of the class, I finished the book and we ate a carrot cake from Gayle’s Bakery to celebrate.

During that time I was a single mom with pre-teens and then teenagers, running a high tech marketing company and the sole support of my family. The Artist Way not only helped me with my writing, but with my life.

When Julia Cameron created the course and later the book, she made a decision to give it to the world. For the price of her book, people could heal their artistic souls and create community of like-minded artists. Her book has reached diverse audiences around the world, and not only helped heal artists, but others suffering from physical problems. The Artist Way just had its 25th anniversary in print and has sold 4 million copies.

Julia Cameron has been an excellent mentor to me through her books. And at “Creative Reboot” just last month I enjoyed a workshop with her and finally met her. She had us all engaged in the process immediately. Once more, I discovered I wanted to focus on my painting.

I have now taught the Artist Way for fifteen years, and presently just started a new group. Each time I finish a course with students, I have the pleasure of seeing people’s lives expand, and some students pursue professional art programs and jobs. I, too, am given a gift—a new form of art—poetry, painting, books, and new ideas for my own creative life.

So run to your bookstore, buy a copy of the Artist Way, and begin the process. You will be amazed at the transformation in your life.

Just this year I’ve been working with Red Wheel/Weiser who is going to publish “The Book of Pendulum Healing” January 2019 — a dream come true to finally launch my work out into the wider world. Yes, the Artist Way will help all your creative dreams come true.

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