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In the Beginning — A Girl Friend Learns to Use the Pendulum

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From The Book of Pendulum Healing – Chapter 3 – The Pendulum and Healing Charts Instructions.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a new pendulum user. She had never dowsed before. First, I led her in a grounding meditation in which we connected to angels and Spirit and reviewed the pendulum and chart instructions. She then held her pendulum between her thumb and index finger, and as I sat next to her, for the first time, we both saw her pendulum move without her conscious volition.

“Oh my gosh. It moved. I wasn’t moving it. Look, it’s moving.” Then she asked, “What’s making it move?”

Then my client and I practiced asking and receiving answers to yesand no questions to train her pendulum. First, the questions are simple; for instance, “Is my cat’s name _____?” or “Am I ___ years old?” or “My name is ______.”

Then she asked, “But how does it work?”

This is the mystery that scientists have been studying for centuries. When you use the pendulum, you are not consciously moving your fingers, hand, or wrist, and it appears that the pendulum is moving on its own. This is called the “ideomotor response.” The pendulum is responding to our subconscious and super-conscious messages through our subtle body movements. When we are connected with our Higher Power and angels, they can also influence the pendulum.

I explained to her that after we clear and ask a question, we tap into both our subconscious and super-conscious minds. When we ask about something or someone outside of ourselves, we are sending out a request to the universal consciousness. The pendulum acts as an antenna to receive information, and the mind becomes the receiving instrument.

Then my client wanted to jump right to the Intuitive Healing Charts for more in-depth questions and answers. When we learn how to use the pendulum with the charts, it’s as if we’ve gone from a binary yesand nosystem to a multi-choice system. This is the juicy stuff.

You can pre-order The Book of Pendulum Healing here at Amazon.

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