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Why I Journal in the Morning!

From The Book of Pendulum Healing:

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Early morning is the magic hour, when it’s quiet, while others are still asleep. This is time you can spend with yourself, waking gently. With coffee or tea or water in hand, I go to my purple meditation chair that overlooks the San Lorenzo River. I watch the river, which has been flowing fully and freely all spring. Over the months I have seen the leaves turn green, and I have also seen my sweet pink eucalyptus felled in a rainstorm. I notice the birds–mallards, blue jays, chickadees, and sometimes a grey heron flying low on the water.

I open a journal and pick up a pen. I let stream of consciousness flow onto the page. I let myself write about all the details of my life, whether happy or sad, joyful or fearful. I write about my friends, my children, about love and hate, about irritations and frustrations. I write about the previous day, about who said what, and who did what, and why it bugs me so much. Sometimes poems come through. After I clear away all my distractions, new ideas for projects or classes open into my unobstructed consciousness.

After doing this awhile­–I’ve been journaling since my early twenties–I feel I have a knowing about myself. I feel more real to myself. It helps me understand what upsets me, what I like, who I like, and what I want for myself in the future.

Then I use the pendulum and charts to ask any questions I might have about my life. I ask about my health, what I need, and what exercise would be best. I also sometimes clear my adult children, any loved ones who’ve asked for clearing, and clients who are going through a difficult time.

When I ran my own company, I took care of projects and employees and then went home to my children and husband to take care of us all. I would feel I had lost myself. But if I wrote even a page in the morning, the pen and paper would help me recover myself again.

The writing process comforts me. I write with pen and paper the old-fashioned way. There is something about the simple process that can be taken anywhere, no computer needed, that helps the mind settle down. Plus, I’m not getting distracted by Facebook and Google.

Writing has supported me to have a place to ask Spirit for help, help, help. For friends, family, and myself. My journal is a place to write down wishes and prayers and dreams for others and myself. Sometimes I take these written requests and put them in my prayer box. Later I open it up and read the prayers. Over time every prayer is answered.

My life has not always been so idyllic, but I have managed to journal, pray, and make a place for quiet time in the morning. It’s a big secret in life–those who take fifteen minutes of quiet time in the morning will have more of a Spirit-directed synchronistic day and life. See Julia Cameron’s bookThe Artist’s Wayfor more details on using the journaling process for healing.

As the author and artist Sark says about journaling in her book, Living Juicy: Daily Morsels for Your Creative Soul, “Fill it with inspiration and rage and tears and boredom and chaos and random pieces that happen to float past while you dream on the moonlit night.

A reminder–you can purchase a copy of The Book of Pendulum Healing here.


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From Chapter 1 — Divining with a Pendulum, Intuition, and Healing

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Dowsing with a pendulum and the Intuitive Healing Charts is powerful and so informative! Below is a introduction from Chapter 1 in  The Book of Pendulum Healing.

When dowsing, we are using our mind, body, and spirit, and a pendulum to access the invisible realm. With practice and through study of the pendulum and the Intuitive Healing Charts, we have a practical yet profound way to access the spiritual world. When we use the pendulum, the innate intuitive self will be automatically activated. With the help of our super-consciousness, we will be guided to understand both the problems and the solutions available. The pendulum acts as a compass, the charts as a map. You can then create your own healing plan.

I read from Deepak Chopra’s book Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: “Your body is the juncture between the visible and invisible world” Just as our energy body and chakras are our link within our body to the physical and nonphysical aspects of our bodies, so the body is a link between material and spiritual worlds.

Should we become sick, it’s wise to look at all aspects of our being. Yes, most assuredly, go to the doctor, especially when facing imminent danger, but also do the inner work (afterwards) to discover the bigger picture, finding out what is out of balance–spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

We may have this inner realization that we are not just a physical being, but energetic, spiritual beings as well. That we are not just this lump of flesh, but made of light. Not just physical machines with various parts that break and are fixed or not, but in the words of Father Teilhard de Chardin, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

With the pendulum and the Intuitive Healing Charts, we can begin investigating, learning, and truly healing; and in the process we can come to know ourselves at a much deeper level.

A reminder–you can purchase a copy of The Book of Pendulum Healing here.


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Seven Reasons Why You Should Learn to Use a Pendulum and the Intuitive Healing Charts

A pendulum is shown with the words " pendulum healing " underneath it.I enjoyed writing this bulleted list. There is something so nice, clean and organized about lists in life. Life is chaotic, but books and lists help us find our way through each day.

From my book, The Book of Pendulum Healing, “Seven Reasons Why You Should Learn to Use a Pendulum and the Intuitive Healing Charts:

  • Learning and practicing the pendulum will help you make wiser decisions for your health and life.
  • As you make life-affirming decisions for yourself, you will feel better mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • By doing the exercises throughout the book, you will have a better relationship with yourself and your body.
  • When you take the time to center, ground, and use your pendulum, you will find you are naturally connected to a Higher Power.
  • Pendulum dowsing is both practical and spiritual and will take you on a mystical journey.
  • Your intuition will expand and flow into every part of your life.
  • Your creativity and imagination will flourish.

Can you imagine receiving these very real promises? It’s time to start the journey.You can pre-order The Book of Pendulum Healing from Amazon.

Meet Your Angels


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As this is a devastating day for Southern California, its college students, and all of us, I thought it would be good to postabout the angels from my bookThe Book of Pendulum Healing.

The angels helped me, sometimes carried me, through the most difficult, painful times in my life, and they can help you too. My children are grown now, but I still ask that the angels of light and love always to surround and protect them, and then I ask them to hold me in their arms too. Angels can bring solace even when nothing makes sense and so many have been harmed.

Here is a short passage about my class, what we learn, and how you too can develop a deeper relationship with your guardian angels and the angels of light and love.

Connecting with Your Angels

I teach a class titled “Sacred Meetings with Your Angels” during the end-of-year holidays to give people a chance during the Holy Days to meet and learn more about their angels. I also teach a four-week class based on the book Ask Your Angelsby Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer.I truly love it because in my class my clients do have a personal experience of their guardian angels. They learn the name of their angel, discover how they could communicate more effectively with their angels, and receive a personal message. During the month we all seem to get closer to our angels.

Teaching the class allows me to receive a healing and confirmation because the stories are always so individual. One woman, who is feisty and colorful, has an angel named Zip. She is going through a healing challenge, and Zip is always lightening her up. Another woman’s angel’s name was surprising–Joe. A widow, she said that she never feels lonely because she feels Joe and her late husband with her.

We have fun with the exercises from the Ask Your Angelsbook–which I highly recommend. You can do the exercises at your own pace or form a small group and do them together. There is true power in spiritual groups.

Here is a shortened process that, if followed, will enable you to meet and greet your angels:

First, you need to clear any blocks that you might have regarding a belief in angels. You can make a list of any beliefs that might be standing in the way of your having an experience with them. Many people have thoughts such as “Angels are not real, or only children believe in angels.” “I’m scared. What if they are real?” or “Who am I to be helped by angels?” Once you have the thoughts down, crumple your paper, throw it away or burn it (safely), and then clear yourself with the pendulum. Next, write all the reasons why you’d like to connect with your angels. Keep that list and put it in a special place for prayers such as a prayer box.

The second step is to meet your guardian angel. Yes, we all have one. Guardian angels watch over us from before our birth, through our life, and take our soul home to God/Goddess. It doesn’t matter whether we see ourselves as an atheist or what our religion is, our guardian angel has been with us our whole life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet this most helpful light being?

You can use a centering meditation and after, when you feel at peace, ask to meet and talk to your angel. You can visualize your guardian angel (using your imagination) in your mind’s eye. See yourself shaking hands (if you feel more formal) or receiving a hug. Take some time to feel the absolute love of God/Goddess that streams through the angels to you.

You can then ask your angel’s name and if they have a message for you. You might pick up your pen and journal and let the message flow naturally. For some, it might take a little while. You can continue meeting with your angels, and one day, you will know their names and be able to hear their messages. It’s such a reassuring feeling to be able to communicate directly with the angels.

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In the Beginning — A Girl Friend Learns to Use the Pendulum

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From The Book of Pendulum Healing – Chapter 3 – The Pendulum and Healing Charts Instructions.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a new pendulum user. She had never dowsed before. First, I led her in a grounding meditation in which we connected to angels and Spirit and reviewed the pendulum and chart instructions. She then held her pendulum between her thumb and index finger, and as I sat next to her, for the first time, we both saw her pendulum move without her conscious volition.

“Oh my gosh. It moved. I wasn’t moving it. Look, it’s moving.” Then she asked, “What’s making it move?”

Then my client and I practiced asking and receiving answers to yesand no questions to train her pendulum. First, the questions are simple; for instance, “Is my cat’s name _____?” or “Am I ___ years old?” or “My name is ______.”

Then she asked, “But how does it work?”

This is the mystery that scientists have been studying for centuries. When you use the pendulum, you are not consciously moving your fingers, hand, or wrist, and it appears that the pendulum is moving on its own. This is called the “ideomotor response.” The pendulum is responding to our subconscious and super-conscious messages through our subtle body movements. When we are connected with our Higher Power and angels, they can also influence the pendulum.

I explained to her that after we clear and ask a question, we tap into both our subconscious and super-conscious minds. When we ask about something or someone outside of ourselves, we are sending out a request to the universal consciousness. The pendulum acts as an antenna to receive information, and the mind becomes the receiving instrument.

Then my client wanted to jump right to the Intuitive Healing Charts for more in-depth questions and answers. When we learn how to use the pendulum with the charts, it’s as if we’ve gone from a binary yesand nosystem to a multi-choice system. This is the juicy stuff.

You can pre-order The Book of Pendulum Healing here at Amazon.

The Writer’s Journey

A pendulum is shown with the words " pendulum healing " underneath it.What an exciting and beautiful journey–writing this book and having it published by Red Wheel/Weiser.I spent months last year (and this year too) in my special green chair with my handy MacBook writing, conversing with the muse, and sending out drafts.

Though I had self-published before, this was my first time working with a publisher. I got lucky. Thus far, it’s been a great experience with so much help–readers from my poetry class, a wonderful editor, proof readers, graphic designers, and now PR and sales people–all helping to birth this book.

Now that The Book of Pendulum Healing is coming out, I am excited. Dowsing and divining opened up new windows in my mind, and I’m eager to share this valuable resource with new readers and friends on the healing, psychic, and spiritual journey.

In the next few days, I’ll be posting a few excerpts from The Book of Pendulum Healing. I hope it inspires you to explore dowsing, and yes to buy my book.

A reminder–you can preorder The Book of Pendulum Healing at Amazon.


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